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1. Produce graduates who comprehend the fundamentals and applications of geology and can successfully explore Iraq’s natural resources and evaluate its reserves.

2. Prepare generations Iraqis not only to explore oil and minerals reserves, but also to work in state departments and the Ministry of Petroleum, Industry and Minerals, Water Resources, Environment, Housing, and Dams

3. Produce graduates well prepared to do postgraduate studies (MSc and PhD) in order to provide the department with qualified new instructors to serve with current faculty.

4. Advance the applied scientific potential of the faculty and the students through cooperation with applied scientific institutions and specialized international companies in training sessions inside and outside of Iraq.

5. Contribute to resolving the scientific and industrial issues that hinder development in Iraq.

6. Provide geological consulting services to the public and private sectors.

7. Develop the capabilities and competencies of those working in the fields of geology through the establishment of continuing education courses and other specialized courses.

8. Help Iraq adopt modern technologies used in developed countries.