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College of Sciences  |  University of Diyala

Department of  Petroleum Geology and Minerals 







Head of department Munther Dhahir Nsaif 


Secretary: Department of Geology






Message from the chairman

    This department is considered as a pioneer department in this field as it the only department in the Iraqi universities which grants a BSc in Petroleum Geology and Minerals. The department plans to provide qualified graduates capable of working in the state and private sector institutions in addition to the companies working in Iraq.The department adopts a wide scientific activity which includes the two field semesters during the summer holiday after the second and the third years in addition to the field trips to the exploration companies working in Iraq and arrange with them in order to offer good training opportunities for the students. The program of field work and trips aims to give the student a comprehensive picture on geology in general and the specific discipline which is the Petroleum Geology and Minerals.

     We are aiming to give our students a prominent role in the studies and searching about oil, gas, and minerals, in Diyala Province and other cities within beloved country, which still in its active stages. Finally, we supplicate and ask our God to help and support us in our mission to achieve these objectives according to the vision planned for that.