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Mission and Vision

Opportunities for high-level training are available for the students enrolled in the Department of Biology, to prepare them to enter the  labour market after graduation to work in the medical laboratories, teaching in the secondary schools, and working in the agricultural enterprises, environmental affairs, water resources and other institutions that have relationships with biological sciences in one way or another.



  1. A comprehensive study of biological sciences, their applications and uses in society theoretically, scientifically and applicability.
  2. Preparation of scientific cadres to work in the fields of medicine and health, agricultural and food industries.
  3. Providing the students with the necessary scientific techniques and how to deal with devices and equipments that can be used in theoretical and applied studies.
  4. Providing the state institutions, private and mixed sectors (medical, industrial and laboratory institutions) with specialized cadres.
  5. Investigate and study the new developments in the biological sciences and keep updated with the scientific developments in this field and incorporate that within the prescribed curriculum.